Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Author Plans to Keep Cool in Atlanta

I leave Sunday for Atlanta, for the International Christian Retail Show. I’m attending as an “author,” so that’s exciting. Actually, I’ve invited myself, so the trip’s not something I should flatter myself about. But isn’t a big percentage of success just a matter of showing up? So, I’m showing up in Atlanta, with author cards in hand to pass out to anyone who gets within ten feet of me.

And I’m bringing my camera with me. I’ve discovered that I’m much less introverted if I have a camera around my neck. Yes, I’m resorting to using a security blanket when doing self-promotion, but having observed many other authors’ book signings, I know that writers don’t lack personal tics and dependencies. What about the author who brings her lap dog with her, and even gives speeches with the puppy tucked under her chin? What about the author who clutches a Sharpie pen like a dagger to keep fans from hugging her? What about the author who plays the piano on stage instead of reading from his book?

Actually, my novel Desert Medicine hasn’t even been released, so I’ll have it easy. I’ll just introduce myself to Christian booksellers and tell them that my novel is coming out in November.

And I’ll try to keep my cool, literally. July might not be the mildest month for an Atlanta trip.

My last trip to meet booksellers was to New York in June. I visited Ground Zero and the nearby St. Paul’s Chapel, where the firefighters napped and ate between recovery efforts after September 11, 2001. Visiting this landmark was a very sobering, yet inspirational, experience.

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